Galaxy S4 strange sound while scrolling


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Oct 22, 2013
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My Galaxy S4 makes a strange sound when I scroll in Chrome, but only on the Wikipedia search results page.

Here is a sample I recorded as a .wav file. To make this I held my phone to my laptop's case which conducted the sound quite well. You can hear the difference between the scrolling sound and the normal "vibrate" tone (set by increasing the volume from mute).

It happens when scrolling in any direction in any orientation. that weird?
I get a wierd noise on another Web site too on my Note3. Kinda wierd, it seems to be the vibration mechanism doing it while i scroll.

Edit: just checked, just does it on Chrome browser.
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Disabling "Haptic feedback' in Settings > Sound > System seems to fix the issue.

Why that scrolling triggered haptic feedback only on that page is a bit of a mystery to me.