Galaxy S line going to crap?


Jul 28, 2011
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When the Galaxy S line first started in 2010 with the Fascinate, it was THE phone to have because of its really cool features at the time. Then they got creative with the ticker display on the Continuum and other phones. All the phones had the nice, shiny but plasticy look but I'm okay with it. But it seems like now that Samsung is making just blah phones and slapping the word Galaxy S on it and calling it a day. The Galaxy SII is pretty nice but some phones like the Samsung Illusion don't even have a flash camera anymore. I really hope Samsung and Verizon puts their thinking caps back on and really start hurling more phones like the Galaxy Nexus out onto the sales floor.
They aren't all designed to be high end devices. They make low to mid end devices as well. In those situations, they have to make some sacrifices in order to keep prices down. I too would like to see more high end devices on Verizon.
Samsung is more concerned with quantity of devices now rather then quality.... and to be quite honest they aren't the only android manufacturer with that same mindset now.

As much as i like android i don't like the direction its heading.
It's all about hitting all the price points. Selling a 1-2yr old phone might work for Apple there, but not in the crowded Android space. People act like there is only 1 IPhone, but in truth Apple has 3-4 phones on the market in order to hit all the price points. The other manufacturers have a similar number of phones on the market at a given time to hit all the price points, with some very minor differences/branding between carriers.
Plus Verizon and Samsung work horrible together when it comes to updates. The galaxy s line are usually slow in getting updates, and in the continuum's case, nonexistent. Quite sad :'(

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