Samsung Sold Over 50 Million Galaxy S and SII Devices + Over 7 Million Galaxy Notes


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above was an artist's render of a potential future Galaxy S device.​

When you see these numbers it no longer becomes hard to believe that Samsung has become the number one cell phone manufacturer in the world. Samsung decided to release their latest sales figures ahead of the launch of their newest Galaxy S III device, and the numbers are phenomenal. According to their report, Samsung sold 24 Million Galaxy S phones and 28 Million Galaxy S II phones for a whopping total of 52 Million devices. Furthermore, their other hot seller was laughably large and mostly written off by the press, yet the Galaxy Note still managed to sell over 7 Million units.

In a related note, as we previously reported, pre-orders for the follow-up Galaxy S III had already reached 9 Million before it even launched. This points to another record breaking number for the Korean technology company.

Source: S3Forums via DroidMatters