Samsung Sells 100 Million Galaxy S Devices Globally


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Dec 30, 2010
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Samsung's latest "supply side" sell-through numbers are out, and they are truly eye-popping, with a figure of about 100 Million devices sold combined. That number includes 40 Million Galaxy S 2 phones sold, and 40 Million Galaxy S 3 phones, which leaves 20 Million sold of the OG Galaxy S. In fact in 2012, Samsung sold over 20 Million SGS3 phones in their first 100 days of availability. It will definitely be interesting to see how far Samsung can take things later this year when they launch the Galaxy S IV. So far, they've been able to top themselves with an impressive array of improved features every year, and the new SGS4 is likely to continue that trend. Here's the quote from Sammy,

• Samsung has announced that global channel sales of the company’s flagship smartphone, GALAXY S III and its two
predecessors GALAXY S and GALAXY S II have surpassed 100 million units sales as of January 13, 2013.

• Samsung GALAXY smartphones are intuitive and easy to use, display photos and videos on dazzling screens, and
deliver a premium user experience with a design that is elegant and feels natural.

• The GALAXY S, has reached over 24 million global channel shipments, achieving 10 million of these during the first
seven months after its launch in June 2010.

• Building on this success Samsung launched the GALAXY S II in April 2011. This smartphone reached around
40 million shipments, achieving 10 million global channel sales in just five months.

• In May 2012, Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S III - a smartphone designed for humans and inspired by nature.
It revolutionized the user experience, and was critically acclaimed, achieving 20 million global channel sales in
just 100 days – which made it Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone yet.

• GALAXY S III has now passed the mark of 40 million unit channel sales.

On a separate "note," Samsung has also enjoyed success with a market they pioneered, their new phablet series, the Galaxy Note and Note 2. The first-gen Galaxy Note sold over 10 Million units, while their G-Note 2 has already sold 5 Million since its release.

Source: SamsungMobilePress


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Jan 18, 2010
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WOW. Congrats Samsung. Largest mobile phone mfr by year's end. You can bet on it