Galaxy Nexus Vibration Level

Jul 24, 2010
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I have noticed the Nexus does not have a great vibrating motor. I have missed calls and left messages unread because I cannot feel the phone when it goes off. Is there any app or way to turn up the "volume" of the vibration so it's more noticeable?
Agree, it's pretty weak. The only way I'd imagine you could adjust this would be by increasing the voltage, even then it may not greatly increase the intensity.

Someone posted a link to some ringtones that sound like vibrations, I know it sounds weird but it actually works quite well. I'll have to look for that link.
The problem is that the whole point of putting your phone on vibrate is so you can feel it but no one else can hear it. Of course it will make some noise, but having those ringtones just gives you an annoying ringtone that if loud enough for you to hear, people around you will hear.
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Nah jp, the vibrate is pretty weak, no weaker than my Incredible though. I wish I could change the vibration though, 3 pattern vibration is a bit annoying for text messages, my Inc has one short vibrate. Yeah I know it could be fixed with a 3rd party messenger app, but I like the stock look compared to the others.
I agree I hate ringtones. But, with my OG, it was such a loud vibration that I think I became more used to hearing it vibrate as apposed to feeling it.

Just trying to give another option.