Galaxy Nexus has no service, any way to fix this?


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Dec 5, 2012
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No matter where i go with my galaxy nexus, it has no service whatsoever. It happened about 2-3 weeks ago and i have no idea what's going on. I brought it into verizon anda lady there had switched the SIM card and did a factory reset but the results are still the same, no service. The mobile networking is on and the i checked the box for data roaming and also have the mobile data on. Is there any way to get the service back or am i better off with getting a new phone?
Does it have 3g? When my wife's GS3 did this a new Sim didn't fix the 4g. I cycled the 4g a few times using phone info. 4g came up and running. If you have no data at all I recall there were a few hidden menus capable of blocking data. Try different corporate vzw store. Or, restart the OS.

Not a single bar shows up.

Where can i find these "hidden menus" and i was wondering if you (or anyone here) can guide me through restarting the OS?
I would go back to Verizon and ask for a refurb at this point. If a factory reset didn't help it's most likely a hardware issue and this is something that should've been brought up as a possibility in store.
I had to Turn Off Google now on my Verizon GN. It was the culprit that i noticed killing my connection. It wasnt until i turned it off I have had stable 4g connection. There has been a new Google Search update..I have yet to turn on Google Now and try it again, but I have been testing this for quite some time now. Some type of polling it did would lock up my connection and would require reboot to get it back. Sadly this is the only thing i hate about this phone..hoping the 4.1.2 update or 4.2.1 which ever we get when Verizon sends it..fixes the issue. BTW my phone has been up for 197:49:+ hours and I had no drops at all. Good Luck