Three Day Old Galaxy Nexus with Internet/Phone No Service Issues


Nov 26, 2009
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My Galaxy Nexus is brand new and on two occasions I tried to make a phone call and the phone said "No Service." Data has been intermittant as well. It will work fine for a while then have "no Service." The Verizon Corp. store said they had 4G problems yesterday. I had problems on both Wednesday and Thursday. I live in the Winston-Salem, NC area which should have 4G service. When I cut the phone off and back on, I seem to have service afterwards. I asked if it should switch from 4G to 3G when service changed and he said it should switch automatically. Any one else having these problems? Thanks in advance, WolfpackRon.
Mine is working fine in Raleigh. Try taking your 4G sim card out (with phone off) and re-insert it back into the phone.
Thanks, I just removed and replaced the sim card as suggested. The Verizon CS guy said too watch it for a few days. Also, Go Wolfpack. We are going to the Belk bowl after Christmas.
I'm in Wilmington NC and have great 4G signal, so if it doesn't improve I'd swap it out.
Lots of people are complaining about signal issues and data loss.
There are multiple threads on multiple sites.
I have had the same experience. Hoping the update to 4.03 does something to help.

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Mine does it too. Went to VZW yesterday and the tech said they are aware of the problem and a fix is coming first week of January via OTA.