Fuzzy Screen and lag on r2d2


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Mar 27, 2011
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I was playing a game Warring States with no issues for 2 weeks...all of a sudden my phones screen went extremly fuzzy and started lagging really bad. I have been unable to do a traditional "factory reset" due to being unable to see the prompts on screen. Does anyone know how to system rstore or reset the OS manually...I am a noob at this and have a PC to hook up to to assist. I have a new phone being sent out but would prefer to keep my new phone if I can fix it. Does anyone have any Ideas?:icon_evil:

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I don't know if the R2D2 has the same recovery menu as the regular D2 or if this would help (I've never heard of your specific issue) but it's worth a shot.

Power down your phone.
Hold X and Power until you get to the recovery menu.
Hit the search button to get the menu to come up.
Wipe data and cache.

This will reset your phone however if your apps and contacts are synced with google, everything should come back.