Fujitsu Plans to Steal The Show at MWC With Tegra 3 & 13MP Camera Smartphone


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above is an artist's mockup and does not necessarily reflect the final retail product.​

Previously, we had some good hints and rumors about the Fujitsu flagship premium phone they intend to debut at Mobile World Congress next week. A few manufacturers are planning to debut a new high-end device at the show next week, and several of them actually may even be sporting a Tegra 3 quad-core cpu, but Fujitsu apparently intends to trump them all with its Fujitsu Arrows Prototype. Some new details have leaked about the device. The superphone has the following mind-blowing featureset:
  • Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processor
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.6" HD display
  • 13.1MP camera with a 25600 ISO setting and "a near SLR level camera experience"
  • Biometric security fingerprint scanner
  • NFC
  • Large Battery with Long-battery life (although no specifics were given)
  • Water & Dust Proof (Highly-Resistant)
If these specs turn out to be more than vaporware, Fujitsu could just thrust themselves into the forefront of Android engineering. After launching the phone at MWC next week, they plan to debut the phone for European markets early this year, and eventually bring the device to North America as well. It will be interesting to get a good look at the phone next week, although to be honest, even if it is as ugly as a brick, with those features I almost wouldn't care.

Source: via PhoneArena
All that is for not if its not unlocked. The average user will never know what this is, but with specs like those, having an open phone would be huge. Also, I'll believe near SLR camera experience when I see it.
I love hearing about new tech like this, but it kinda makes me sad that my current phone is lacking in hardware specs already.

But, I love my GNex and won't upgrade for anything less than another Nexus device DancingNexus
To me, an open phone is better than a new, locked-down phone with better hardware (up to a point, of course... my D1 was looking dated by the time I picked up my GNex).
"a near SLR level camera experience".... surrrrrrreeeee.... :rolleyes:

With those specs, this thing does have the potential to be awesome. How long til release though? 2013?
Near SLR Camera + ICS Zero lag capabilities, I could very well picking up a "Fanboy Camping for Dummies" book, and head over to the nearest store
Oh, those specs don't compare to the phone that will come out a week after this one does.
I heard about Fujitsu coming out with a tablet, phone and laptop deal all priced together. Supposed to be a huge deal. Maybe this is the phone of the future idk.

I like my nexus I only wish it had the maxx battery in it.
"a near SLR level camera experience".... surrrrrrreeeee.... :rolleyes:

With those specs, this thing does have the potential to be awesome. How long til release though? 2013?

I was skeptical of the camera specs too, but that was how the original report described them. Still, if the camera can improve on what exists now in a big way, then it will be worth looking at. And, to answer your other question... the phone is supposed to debut probably around the middle of the year. We should know something more concrete after MWC next week.
"a near SLR level camera experience"

Soooo...its got a film camera inside? I think I'll wait for the "near DSLR level camera experience" :icon_ devil: