Fujitsu Readies Multi-Band Global Smartphones for European Launch


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Over the past few weeks since CES, we have had hints of several intriguing devices from Fujitsu. We have seen everything from high-end Android smartphones and tablets, to flagship Windows Phone devices as well. Supposedly, at MWC next week, they will have a slew of powerful mobile high-tech gadgets to show off. Initially they will launch in Europe, but their plan is to bring them to North America as well. The above pictured phone, the 6.7mm thin Arrows F-07D smartphone, is just one of these flagship devices, and comes with some interesting features, including LTE 4G, NFC and biometric security. Furthermore, at least several of Fujitsu's devices will be designed with a "global" perspective, sporting multi-band radios designed for maximum world-wide market penetration.

It looks like Fujitsu is trying to hit the ground running as they come into the European and North American markets with new smart-devices. What do you guys think? Could we have another worthy contender in the Android world?

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Source: via SlashGear