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Oct 3, 2011
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Hi, I've had my Droid Charge for about a month or so. I have a dsl account through Frontier (formerly Verizon). As of right now, those accounts dump into my hotmail account, which I do get on my phone. (though I have noticed I have to manually "refresh" that account to get the new emails). However, I'd like to have access to these accounts separately AND be able to SEND email from them as needed. I have entered my complete email address, password and various tries for the "Server" space, like (Frontier's setting for "incoming"), as I was instructed for my Microsoft Outlook, and as Frontier's site instructs for "outgoing" mail on their site.

Is there a way to do this, or as this site shows, Frontier Peace of Mind : User Tools Categories, will I just have to have it sent to my gmail account that had to be set up for the Droid? If so, will I have the option of which address I am sending my email from?

Thanks in advance for your time!!!
welcome to the forum. well i have separate accounts that im able to set up/send/receive separately. let me PM u...
Welcome to the community. I know your in good hands with the Princess there. Hope you can get it solved. Feel free to stick around and enjoy the community

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