e-mail setup



I'm brand new to forums. Don't even know what a "thread" is, except in sewing. How do I setup Frontier e-mail ( in my Droid 2? It asks for "Account name" and "Real name" under "General settings". What are these? Is it a POP or IMAP mail server? Then, under "Incoming server", it asks for "Server." Is this ""? Under "Outgoing server" it asks for "SMTP server". What is this? Thanks.
Your account name is the user name you chose, or were assigned, when you signed up for your email account, just like how your account name here is debhoyal. The real name field can be filled in with your real name, or an alias, or whatever. As for POP or IMAP, you need to find that out from Frontier. POP mail would usually be something like or maybe and SMTP would usually be But you need to find out from them what to put in the server fields.