FRG22D Outlook and LauncherPro


Dec 11, 2009
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I got the FRG22D update this morning and I very much wish I hadn't gotten it.
I use exchange to sync my outlook mail and calendar from work. As discussed before, FRG22D introduced new security for exchange that now requires me to enter PIN anytime I want to use my phone for anything. This is extremely annoying and severely handicaps my phone , it's really stupid. There is no way around this other than to disable exchange/outlook sync. Since I cannot leave with having to enter a pin every time I awake my phone, I disabled exchange and decide to try Touchdown for my outlook email and calender instead. My problem now is that Touchdown synchronizes with outlook but not with the calendar in my droid.
I wan to use the LauncherPro calendar widget but it only displays the stock calendar.
Any suggestions? Is there any way to sync Touchdown's calendar with the stock calendar?