FREE [APP] C Floating Multitasking App


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Oct 6, 2011
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As Android devices continue to grow in screen size as well as performance we are using them in more productive ways. The same activities that we may have preformed previously on laptops and tablets we are now finding ourselves doing on smartphones. The Galaxy Note with the Multi Window is a perfect example of this. You can watch a video while sending an email, or surf the web while texting. There are several applications that will allow you to multitask in this way.


C Floating is one of the latest multitasking/multiwindow apps. This app brings you a unique multitasking experience. You can float any app on top of any app, add any 3rd party widget, perform actions quickly, and monitor system information efficiently. Other features include floating shortcuts, floating recent apps, floating widgets, floating block screen, floating tables (battery info, cpu status, network data traffic, ram info). More features for the Prime version include more floating shortcuts, more floating widgets, floating charts (battery info, cpu status, network data traffic, ram info) and more.

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