FREE [APP] Multitasking, Efficiency At Its Best!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android has done a decent job with multitasking. The recent apps menu included in Android helps you switch from application to application with ease, but it could be better. With the current Android recent apps menu you are still limited to running one application at a time. Samsung has done one better than stock Android by including Multiwindow which allows you to run two applications, but even that is limited to just a few apps. The new app by developer "OryonCorp" seeks to bring multitasking to every device. Multitasking is composed of a settings menu, a sidebar and floating tools. You use gestures to swipe through the sidebar and tools. Windows can be resized, they can be moved anywhere on the screen, they can be used in full screen mode, and minimized into the notification bar. Head to the play link for more info.


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