Framaroot Root For Many Devices!


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Oct 6, 2011
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In the early days of Android if you could find an exploit for root chances are it would work across all devices. I remember specifically the z4 root app that worked on every device that ran froyo. Once Gingerbread dropped there was one more "root all" exploit that worked for a bit. Gingerbreak rooted most froyo devices and some devices that ran early builds of Gingerbread. Since then most devices had to be rooted on a device by device basis, and the exploit is normally found in the OEM firmware, not in Android.

Framaroot by XDA member alephzain claims to root many devices via a one click rooting app. The app allows you to choose from previously created root exploits. It is currently supported for OMAP 3, Exynos 4, Qualcomm, some Mediatek platforms and other devices. If you can't find a root method for your device then this app would be worth a shot. Grab it from the source link below.