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Mar 2, 2011
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Help please! Droid keeps force closing and is nearly nonfunctional due to all the force closing. I've done factory resets and still problem persist!
I didn't do anything weird like roms or rooting. The phone is a factory refurbished one and it used to happen sometimes but now it happens with just about every aspect of the phone
First, please tell us what model phone you have.
Second, which programs keep force closing? Be as specific as possible we're here to help!
Its a first generation motorola droid. The issues are when ever I open market apps or even the phone a message will pop up and it says that whatever is open and running needs to stop and the two options are force close or wait. Choosing wait never works so you have to force close and reopen whatever you were working with and hope that it will work. Sometimes apps such as twitter and my verizon wont even open. I went to verizon and they showed me how to do a factory reset and that has yet to help the issue.
Maybe you need to clear all your caches? How long have you had the droid for? Does it seem sluggish for no reason compared to when you got it? It may or may not help.

If all else can always flash the original rom or sbf back to total stock
Im thinking i may have to flash back to stock, anyone know how to do that. I've tried clearing all the cache still having issue
You said you are not rooted so flashing anything is not an option unless you want to root.

Have you recently (around the time the FC's started) downloaded a new app?? I would suggest doing one more Factory Reset and do not restore all your apps at once. Re-download your apps one at a time, wait a little bit in between to see if you can tell which app is causing the conflict.

Also, do you have a task killer installed?? If so, remove it immediately. They seem to cause a lot of conflicts and are really not necessary.
I'll try that. I've only manually added about 1/3 of the apps I had before. Right now I'm just ready to do whatever will get the phone operable again