FlashFire Now Supports Backup and Restore via ADB over Wifi


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Oct 6, 2011
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FlashFire is the successor to the wildly popular Mobile-Odin. It is designed to allow you to flash files easily on the go. This means you can flash roms and files from within the Android system without having to actually boot into recovery. Chainfire has just updated the app to v0.33. The latest version includes the ability to backup and restore your phone through adb over wifi. Flashfire has also been updated to better handle adopted storage. There have been several other changes. Find the full changelog below.


  • Add support for backing up to and restoring from ADB, through USB or Wi-Fi (special ZIP format)
  • Completely reworked progress code, more info is shown in more places now (current file, speed, progress)
  • Improved back key handling
  • Improved app startup performance
  • If sdcard is adopted, reflect that in location display name
  • Fix adopted SD card sometimes not showing up in mixed partition mode
  • Attempt to identify external sdcard (rather than calling it USB)
  • Adjust storage location display order
  • Add warning when using adopted storage
  • Rewrote file creation routines to cope better with adopted storages
  • Fix reboot card popup title
  • Refactor shell commands as root
  • Change install location to internal-only
  • Fix backup of internal storage not skipping backups in some cases
  • Adjust ZIP parser so it can cope with Samsung FOTA ZIPs
  • Added warning for Huawei users about brickability
  • Add OEM partition to TWRP emergency restore
  • Fix backup/restore per-file progress freezing
  • Archives: Add suppport for Huawei’s UPDATE.APP format
  • OTA: Add detection for Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Letv
  • OTA: Add multi-zip-file capability
  • Partitions: Add various Tegra-specific partitions
  • Partitions: Add various Mtk64-specific partitions
  • Partitions: Add various Huawei-specific partitions
  • Partitions: Add various Pixel-C-specific partitions
  • Partitions: Add generic Factory Reset Protection partition
  • Partitions: Add support for eMMC boot and general purpose partitions
  • Partitions: Attempt r/w unlock before writing
  • EverRoot: Updated embedded SuperSU to v2.72 BETA
  • EverRoot: Use LESSLOGGING mode, reduces SuperSU output