Flashed SBF, Progress Made, but still need Help!


Aug 15, 2010
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Ok so I bricked my phone by installing the 2.3.340 update and then trying to flash the SBF back to 2.3.15 because the Z4Root wouldn't work. Today I was able to flash back to Droid 2.3.32 I found on a website. It got me out of Bootloader, but now my phone is stuck on the Droid X Eye and alternating back to the screen that also says "DROID" written across it. Can someone please advise me what the next step would be in trying to unbrick my phone?
You need to wipe data & cache. Boot into recovery by holding down volume down & camera button when powering on. Then select wipe data & cache. This will get you out of boot loop.
I did that then hit reboot, its still stuck on the Eye and Droid Sign
I put it back into Recovery mode and @ the bottom is states "E: Can't open/cache/recovery/command"