Flashed FISSION and having a Contact issue

Dec 29, 2010
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Seattle, WA
So i just flashed Fission on my GF's D2G, and I flashed it on mine when i had it, before getting my Droid X, and when i flashed it my contacts showed up fine, but on her's, its only showing 38 contacts, which she has way way more, and the ones that are showing aren't even showing their numbers, but whats wierd, is when you look in her contact list, it shows my name, but my number isn't there, but if i call here, my picture and name pop up as if she did have my number in her contacts. I cant figure out how to get the rest of her contacts to show up. backupassistant isn't installed on this ROM for some reason, and so i need some help figuring this out. Basicially, how do i get all of her contacts to show up !
I have had contact issues since I stared messing with roms. I know google synce and back has a little to do with it also I would suggest titanium backup whenever u plan on flashing a new rom. The point is I can't tell u how many times I have had to update my contacts... just sayin.

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well how can i get her contacts back ?

and whats weird, like i said, if someone who's normally in her contacts, but isn't showing now since I flashed Fission, it still shows their picture and number. so its like her contacts are still there, they are just invisible lol which i know thats not possible. But anyways, like i said, how can i restore her contacts without having to sbf back to froyo and start over, making sure i back them up. I usually always back up stuff, I've been flashing roms, themes, all that for quite awhile now (even starting to learn to make my own themes and roms now) but for some stupid reason, i was in a hurry and i forgot to do it this time lol its always that one time you forget, that you end up needing it haha
Restore a nandroid and backup contacts to sdcard and sync contacts with google before you flash fission again. Theres one way to get them back and two to save them.

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yea, thats what i ended up doing, thanks for the info guys. like i said, its always when you forget to do something, that you need it the most lol the one time i forget to make a backup, i end up really needing it, not that this is the first time i've needed to use a backup i made, but its never been this inconvenient before and I've never forgotten to make a backup before !