Multiple contact lists? Contacts not there?


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Aug 8, 2010
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My wife has the regular Motorola Droid. She and I both have added contacts to the contacts list, but then when we go and do a search for them, they are not there. I added the contact to her gmail account and then a couple of minutes later it shows up in the contacts list.

Also, other contacts that she has entered are not in the contacts list at all, but when one of those people call her, it will display their name and number, so I know it's pulling from a list somewhere. We've noticed that the contacts that we see when we open up the contacts icon are the contacts transferred from her other phone, but no new contacts that she has entered show up.

Whats up with that? Is there another contact list somewhere that we're just not finding?

Thanks in advance.


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
In gmail make sure that the list of contacts that you want to have listed on your phone are listed in the "my contacts" list.

On some occasions when you can't find contacts they are actually there, but you need to export them from your SD card to your contacts list. Contacts/settings/import-export/import from SD card. This usually will happen when you first get your Droid and somebody at Verizon has already attempted to "assist" you with this. That's why you see the name when they call. Just export those names and make sure they sync to your gmail contacts.