FLASH SALE: $1 for RC Quadcopter, 5 limit! (June 25 Chicago 10:10 am to 10:20 am)


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Kinda, huh?

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Site loaded no problem right at the end of deal. Something makes me think they just wanted the site hits.

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OK, now the servers are back up.


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That was Joke. I signed up just for that now i will close that out. That seemed too planned for it to go down.
I'd like to know how many they actually sold at that price...3? Their servers were down through the entire deal.
Well I got as Far as the Cart and clicked on Pay and then it went down.
well I had one in my cart for $1, clicked the checkout button and ... nothing.... clicked the checkout with paypal and it asked for payment source showing $1, and then took 10 minutes to load the website to place the order and price was $49. big joke indeed
And they are on the list as Supporting Vendors for this Forum. I wanted to grab a couple for my BDay.
I'll reach out to them and see what I can find out.

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