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May 10, 2010
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My mom and I recently upgraded from our old, simple verizon phones. We purchased 2 for 1 HTC Eris's, which I must say, (so far, as mine is charging) that I'm quite pleased with.

Eight GB of free MicroSD space as well as the ability to use apps like NESoid, SNESoid, and Gameboid I'm really impressed with it, not to mention that it can surf facebook and play music via memory stick or Pandora. It's an awesome upgrade for a student like me, it'll be just like having a gameboy again XD except this time it doubles as a life-life : a phone :D.:icon_ banana:

Mom's been having a bit of trouble setting up her accounts to synchronize with her contact list...Too many passwords between and MyVerizon, (one of them keeps reverting all of our location-based information)

I went red Gyarados on my phone, which sorta prompted this whole smart phone ordeal in the first place, but I'm not a very social person so I don't have many contacts on my phone, though that may probably change since I'll have to make a facebook group to get #'s back.

Welcome! Hope your mother gets her issues corrected. Glad you joined the forum. It is a fantastic site to share information and lean about the Droid.

welcome aboard, gstla

you and your mom will enjoy the erises (or is the plural form, eri?). My wife is lovin' hers that I got for her moms day gift. I've never seen the woman play video games in the 25 years we've been married until now. She has always watched me play the console du jour (and giving advise, no doubt) until now, and she won't get off her Eris long enough to cook me dinner and clean up! LOL - (glad she doesn't read the forum!)

Look at the "News" forum on here for info on Android 2.1 coming out for the Eris.
Welcome. My wife loves her eris. Ironically, I still can't ever get a hold her :blink:

Have fun learning boat loads while you're here.
Sure, thanks for the neat, insightful replies everyone. Looking forward to getting my eris working this morning, and perhaps going to the bagel shop XD. I don't know what it is, but I have had a most wonderous craving sour-cream/cream-cheese lately...

Sorry about that tangent, anyway, hopefully the 16gb microSD cards I bought a while ago will work (they wouldn't in my PSP, but my PC recognized them) individually. Currently watching the Chrono Trigger Intro on my PSP. Started the game 'Earthbound' the other day, currently playing through that casually ;D.

As a treat for DessoThumbs, and his wife, who's loving her Eris, I found/read about this on Digg a while back, it's adorable xD

So, as far as "ROMS" go, --Read Only Memory, in the context that they're used on this forum, mean that they're utilized as a sort of firmware replacement like M33 or GEN-D3 for the PSP? (A Shell Replacement with different tweaks and features?) They're only mentionable in the Shell context I presume, as opposed to the game context.

-Any idea when the shells will start popping out for the Eris? Seems like the Droid has a ton, but I suspect that's due to advertising...

I'm definitely looking forward to using the forums and getting to know you all better. I'm pleased for one that the Eris seems to have a more mature community than other places I've frequented in the past :)