First time Rooter Question


Apr 20, 2010
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Danbury, CT

I have had a Droid since January 2010 and have never rooted because I don't have a landline and use my droid for work and personal use and was too scared to mess it up and not have a phone.

I understand that all these custom roms are better then stock, but Im basically looking for 3 things:

1.) Over Clocking
2.) Better Battery life
3.) Wifi tethering/hot spot capabilities

I have a macbook so I cannot use most of the tutorials out there. I downloaded Easy Root the day before it was taken off the market, so my question is:

A.) Can I do the above 3 things just with just Easy Root?
B.) Can I back up my droid without a PC?

Thanks guys!
If you have easy root, simply root it that way in 15 seconds.
After you have rooted, I believe you will see options to download busy box, superuser permissions and rom manager, these are important/pretty much required for rooted droids.

Now to your three needs.

First, Download a customer ROM such as Bugless Beast v0.4, Chevy's SS 4.6, LithiumMod, etc.. You can download most of these through Rom Manager (get from market for free) or if you have a computer simply download these to your desktop, rename to update (.zip will automatically be attached). Mount your droid to your PC via usb, drag the ROM you renamed to your SD card (do not place in a folder).

Now once you have the ROM you renamed onto your droid, unmount the phone. Turn off the phone. Hold Power button + X to boot into clockwork. Choose the backup option, which will backup everything in case you somehow get an error. (You can also backup your apps using Titanium Backup (free from market after you have rooted). Now you need to wipe and clear data/cache after you have backed up (from the power button + x boot up, you will see the option to backup). You will see an option that says install from (or something to that nature). Install the file you placed onto the sd card. Once it is installed reboot the phone and make sure everything is working.

Most of the roms mentioned are 2.2 and have wifi tethering enabled to use. To overclock you will need to download an overclocked kernel (I use these Download to your computer, rename to update like you did for the rom and place the kernel you renamed onto your sd card. (You can remove the previous Rom you placed onto your sd) Simply reboot into clockwork (Hold power button + x), select install from sd card Reboot and youre basically finished. I recommend getting SetCPU from the market to monitor your temperature, set overclock profiles (for example: if your temp gets above a specified temperature you can have it automatically lower the cpu speed to prevent heating issues, or lower the cpu speed when you have the screen off, etc).

Hopefully this answers all, you should be set. Just be sure to backup and clear cache/data before installing the ROM. You do not need to clear cache/data before install a kernel. Once your rom and kernel is loaded, it's recommended to backup your new setup also so you can always return to that state if anything happens.