New Rooter with ?'s


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Aug 31, 2011
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I dropped my droid 2 in water, trying the rice trick... think screens toast though. So, back to the Droid 1. I am new to the whole rooting scene and spent most of last night reading forum posts and successfully rooted my Droid. I got the SetCPU, RomManager apps and successfully updated to the Saphire ROM, but reverted back because I was missing some of my apps that I suppose i should have put on the SD card. Here are my questions though:

1. My phone has the 2.2.2 update on it, but in your opinion what would be the best kernel/ROM combo for me? I'd like performance and quickness while using the phone and battery life extended when not in use.

2.Most of the posts on the forums are a year old, so what is the newest/latest/most stable combos?

3. Is there any specific order to whether you install the kernel first or the ROM first? Does it really matter?

4. I used the RSD lite method for rooting, is the recovery mode install method accomplish the same thing though? Do I just remove the zip files from the SD after installing them?

Any knowledge you can share w/ a root noob would be greatly appreciated.