First Time Flashing-- got some problems


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Mar 11, 2011
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Hey guys I'm new to the forums here and new to the Droid system... I Have a R2D2 and I was gonna flash Liberty ROM onto my phone here and just ran into a few problems.

I followed:

1) I rooted with the Z4Root and it rooted just fine no problems here

2) Instead of getting the D2 Bootstrap Recovery I went ahead and got the free version of ROM Manager. (simply because I lost my debit card Monday and the new one's not here yet)

3) this is were I run into troubles... I have the ROM Manager installed, but i'm unable to even backup my phone. I go to backup and the phone instantly reboots but goes straight back on and nothings backed up. Also when I try to use ROM Manager to boot into recovery, the phone does the same thing, reboots normally. Now when I try and Boot it manually into recovery by holding down x and power, it will start to boot into recovery and then gives me a picture of the android dude with a ! over his head and I have to remove the battery to reboot back to normal.

So I'm unable to even backup my droid to flash the new ROM on there! Any Ideas?!

Thanks guys, So far reading this Forum everyone seems very knowledgeable and willing to help.
Rom manager isn't that great for booting in recovery. Get the d2 bootstrapper when you can. When you power up holding x and you get the android and !, that's when you hit the search button ( 2 over to the left of the spacebar) on your keyboard. I don't believe you can make a backup that way. Just wait till you get your debit card back :)

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you have to get the droid 2 bootstrap, it installs clockwork recovery, louy99 is right, bootstrap is the only way as stock recovery will not allow you to flash a rom. Also, rom manager is no bueno for our phones. someday it might work.
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If i remember correctly you can download the clockwork recovery from ROM manager, rename it and with it in the root folder of your sd card flash it from stock recovery. Then to get into cwm pull the battery when its past the m boot screen, replace battery, then reboot and voila, your in cwm.

Thats how i did it before i found out about the bootstrapper....

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FWIW Rom manager doesn't work on any of the 4 phone models I've played with

I think unless you have a Nexus it just makes things more difficult.