First post (howdy, love my droid x to death)


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Jan 14, 2011
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Hello all, first post, nice community I hope to contribute early and often.

At any rate, the reason I'm making this topic is to bring to your attention a very odd 'trick' that I have found with the droid x.

I was sitting around with a friend who also has the X, and he randomly placed his work phone (which is an old mono-chrome nextel motorola) on the screen of his X (while the X was locked and screen was off).

As soon as he placed the old Nextel on top of the X, it turned on and began to attempt to open a random widget neither of us had seen before. It failed to open as soon as he removed the phone from the screen.

What could possibly be causing this? Is it something with the radios? It wouldn't happen with any other cell phone we tried, or any other object that has the size of the cell phone. Quite possibly the oddest thing I've ever seen, and I haven't read about it happening to anyone else (unless my google skills are declining).

Anyone have any idea?
It was the home/car dock, which is activated by a magnetic charge hitting the phone.
Never thought about that. It looked like a different widget (I have the GPS mount). But then again, it never fully loaded.

Thanks a bunch for putting an end to this.
I appreciate the response. It makes a lot of sense.