Blue tooth headset that connects & !hangs up! phone calls on Droid X? what is Rooting


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Mar 9, 2011
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I had the HTC Incredible and after several updates and resets, I finally got my BT headset (plantronics 510) to make a call (though the voice recognition software was horrible) but when I finished a phone call, pressing the headset button would only disconnect the headset from the phone but leave the call still going. A real pain if connected to someone's voice mail & I am driving.

Finally Verizon swapped out the incredible with a new Droid X. Just connected my Plantronics 510 and the exact same thing happened. Pressing the BT button just disconnects the headset from the cell phone but leaves the phone call going. :icon_evil:

I need to be able to use this while driving. It is just too dangerous the way it is. :icon_eek:

I've read that the Droid X works with BT -- the tech person at Verizon said he had not problem with his (though I did not ask what headset he used.)
I am assuming the plantronics 510 is too old or doesn't work with the android system.

Can anyone tell me what headset does work -- both to make calls and to end calls?

:greendroid: I've been reading about rooting and modding here -- I have no idea what any of that is. If any one can give me a link to a post that actually explains what it is (as opposed to how to do it), that would be appreciated as well.