Droid X Sending out automatic Text Messages


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Apr 7, 2011
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Hi all,

Im having a very strange problem. about 4 months ago I got my first Droid, a Droid X. I played cheap and got a pre owned one from Verizon. I downloaded several of the popular free games/apps/etc. I used backup assistant to restore my contacts list/etc. Last month one of the guys in my contact list told me that he had received 10 texts in a row from me. Each of the texts just have the word Object in the subject, and then a bunch of garbage characters. If he tries to open any of the texts, his phone reboots. He is able to delete them though. Then... a few days ago it happened again. He didnt delete them this time and showed them to me. I told him:

A) Im not sending them
B) My first Droid died so I have a new one that has been factory reset
C) The apps that I have installed on it have been downloaded by 10s of thousands of people (some have over a million downloads) so if there was a problem with them it would be affecting tons of people

I tried to explain to him that there is a possibility that someone/something is spoofing my identity and sending them to him from the internet.

Whats strange about this issue is its only sending to one person in my contact list. I would think that if it was malware of some kind on my phone it would send to more than just the one person.

My question is: Has anyone else seen a problem like this with droid hardware or a particular app/game/etc?