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Jan 11, 2012
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Eastern Tennessee
I recently posted on here that I upgraded to a new phone(Droid Incredible)from Verizon website two days ago. The lovely phone is just a few hours away from my house. Each time I get more excited about it and am just bursting with questions. So, I thought of asking here since this is the appropriate forum.
So, here we go:
Question 1:
can you surf the internet and talk while you're on the phone?
I asked this question because of a landline phones you can, and figure maybe you can on cell phones too? I wasn't for sure, So, I thought I'd ask. It seems like you might could on maybe some phones.

Question 2:
Comparing to the Droid incredible number 2 phone, what are the cons and pros between the two? I know that I could Google these questions, but wanting different views through the forums.

Question 3:
It being a phone when I ordered the phone from Verizon website, the phone was certified preowned. That goes for that the phone was used but, was check by Verizon employees. But the phone is practically almost new, right?

I really wanting to thank you guys for answering these questions for me. I am new to this phone business and I'm learning how to go per time. I am also glad that there is a place to ask people bout this kind of stuff.

Thanks again guys for the help.

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1. No, that functionality is only available for a few 4G phones. It has to do with the design of the radio that sends the signal and the android os.

2. The Dinc2 has a larger screen, faster processor, and more ram.

3. Correct. Its called a certified like new phone. It may have minor scratches that arn't real obvious but the phone works up to verizons standards.

Good luck and enjoy!

This post is Incredible 2!
Sir, actually all 4G phones will allow you to surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time. :D

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I have the HTC Incredible out of my 3 phones it's still the phone that is my favorite.
I too purchased my Inc certified pre-owned and it looked like new when it arrived,since then because of how many times i have dropped it and other things it now shows signs of use.
The Inc is a great phone there is still a ton of support for it and if you are into rooting and flashing Roms you will have more then enough choices with different Roms and themes to apply.
Alot of people complain about the size of the screen and with my eyesight it does get harder to read the screen on the 3 inch screen but it is a very bright and clear screen so if you have decent vision it should be no problem,one of the draws for me to the size is how easy it fits into my pant pocket it's almost UN-noticable and feels great in the hand.
I think you will be very happy with your new Incredible have fun and enjoy.