FCC Files Motion to Toss Out Verizon's Net Neutrality Appeal Lawsuit


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Dec 30, 2010
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Previously, Malvado, did a great job of bringing us the disturbing news that Verizon was filing a lawsuit to block the Net Neutrality Act. Recent headlines warrant a follow-up to that piece. It seems that the FCC "isn't having any of that nonsense" and has filed a motion to toss out Verizon's suit. Here's a quote from BGR with some details and responses from the FCC,
Verizon believes its complaint has grounds because the FCC modified its radio licenses, but the FCC sees it differently. “Notice of Appeal, however, applies only when this Court is asked to review an FCC order that modifies specific individual licenses. It does not apply to review of generally applicable commission orders that, like the Open Internet Order, regulate a broad camp of licensees as a class,” the FCC said in a release. “Jurisdiction over the Open Internet Order thus lies only under [a specific section] and Verizon’s notice of appeal in Case 11-1355 should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.”
Although it's only a start, it is still good to see the FCC standing up for what is right. Of course, that is their responsibility, but sometimes they are pretty slow to act. Luckily, they aren't hesitating this time. Share your thoughts.

Source: BGR
This is one of those rare instances where I support the government agency because the idea of corporate suzerainty over the Net is just as disheartening as the idea of government control.