Fascinate and Droid X Developer Support


May 10, 2010
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Hey everyone!

So I bought a Samsung Fascinate a couple of weeks ago, and so far I really like it. However, I dislike the fact that not many devs seem to be working on the phone, since coming from a Droid 1 I was used to flashing ROMs on a regular basis.

I've recently been thinking about switching to the Droid X, but before you say "not another one of these threads!! Arghhh!!!, (and believe me, I've read through many of those to make a decision :))" I really just have a couple questions.

So my question: which dev community is larger, and which has more potential?

The X developer community seems quite a bit larger to me right now, but do you think the Fascinate community will catch up when 2.2 is finally released? The bootloader is also an issue, but it seems they've found a way around that.