Farewell, OG


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Dec 9, 2009
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I bought my OG Droid days after Verizon finally made it available. It was, still is actually, a brilliant little phone. I liked the sliding keyboard. I liked the Android operating system. I liked that it could be rooted. CyanogenMod made the phone 20x more awesome. The phone hardware was rock-solid.

Yesterday I retired a good friend that had been no more than 10' from me literally every minute for over 2 years. It guided me to and home from work every day, showing me the best route to take given current traffic conditions. It kept me in touch with friends and family. It took pictures of some very fun times in my life. It played great music for me whether I was in the car, on the treadmill, or anywhere else, really. It never once failed to do anything I asked of it.

It's almost like it was an extension of me.

I've never actually missed a techno-toy before. I'm sad to set the OG aside.

Motorola made a damn fine phone in that one.
It really was/is an awesome phone. Now that you can get them on eBay for like 50 bucks, I'll probably buy one just because it's THE phone that got Android where it is today. I remember when my friend got one and I was head over heals in love. Wow I need to stop because I'm reminiscing!

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