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Nov 21, 2010
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Being a new guy to roms and Droid in general I spent hours upon hours reading up on how to do everything I needed from SBF'in to flashing and so on. Thought I would start a thread where all can POST SOLUTIONS ...NO QUESTIONS PLEASE.

Again I'm no expert but I'm learning. Hoping this is a place where folks that don't know or are too lazy to search can find answers to the repetitive questions I see constantly popping up when new roms are released. We should be saying thanks when a new rom/theme comes out and post bug reports etc, not inundating the developer on how to update to the newest OTA...lol. Anyway here we go:

Roms: it is my impression that rom dev's and theme dev's like to tinker and have the knowledge to do so. They make roms/themes they want and enjoy. Some are kind enough to "share" their vision with the rest of us for FREE and we "choose" to try them out on our phones. Please don't ***** at these guys when you mess up or brick "your" phones. Understand you made the deal with the devil the moment you rooted so know the risks before you do stuff and live with the results.... most importantly always FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS

Most helpful link for answers to most problems and questions:Here

What is Rooting and Why? Great FAQ w/links

How do I boot into clockwork recovery? Recovery FAQ

How do I install RubiX the way Drod intended?
Install Instructions:
Download Zip
Place on SDCard
Bootstrap Recovery via Bootstrap App
Reboot to Clockwork Mod Recovery
Wipe data/factory reset
Select install from sdcard
Choose zip from sdcard
select rubiXFocused1.9.5.zip or rubiXFocused1.9.5themed.zip (whichever you downloaded)
Select yes

How to install an SBF file: How to flash with RSD Lite

Update from 2.3.15 to 2.3.320 (aka "the leak"): 2.3.320 FULL sbf

Update from 2.3.320 to 2.3.340 (aka "the ota"): .340 update patches

Where is this elusive Z4Root app? Right HERE!

I want the BLUR Camera on my DX! Find the old one and a whole lot more at Sephtin.com

Do I have to wipe data? : The short and curly answer is if coming from one rom to another with few exceptions YES. If you get boot loops YES, if you are having glitches only you seem to be having YES. If you have to ask just do it, with titanium backups etc takes <5 minutes to restore data to apps. In short FOLLOW THE DEVELOPER INSTALL IN-STRUC-TIONS.

If you have answers, have links, or fixed your own issues with roms/themes POST THEM HERE!
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