FAILED TEXT message. Update Problem??


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Dec 25, 2011
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I have been repeatedly receiving "Failed" for SMS and MMS messages shortly after Update. For all contacts sometimes they went through and say Failed sometimes they just Fail. I did the Factory Reset including SD Card so all additional APPS were deleted too. Didn't get better. BUT Verizon Tech told me "Updates do not cause Problems it must have been an APP.

I had VZW send another DRoid Charge, If anything it is worse. I have to Restart or remove the battery multiple times during the day. One minute it works, 10 minutes later it starts failing. Three Bars on the signal and the status says connected. Still fails! More than annoyed with this phone. I believe this all started right after the UPDATE. Now its sends a Text-- Restart------ Text---- Repeat

Now I have an Expensive Droid Charge Paper Weight!! Can't send Christmas Messages!
what messaging app are you using? Handcent? or the stock app that came with the phone?
You are not the only one. I gave my wife a Bionic for Christmas. Right around the time of your post we accepted the OTA and after the update she could not send texts. I tried a reboot and also did a battery pull. She also said she couldn't call out. Then about 15 minutes later it was fine.
Gob bless Verizon and all their knowledge. Too bad we have no clue out here in user land.

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Sorry, I should have said I am using the "Stock" App. There may be a possibility that my signal strength is a bit lower. I have 3 bars with about a -90dBm to -94dBm when I go outside it is in the -80 to -85 range with 4 bars. I have a Signal App (OpenSignal) I have tested my upload and download speed and it seems to fluctuate especially with a little rain Upload 435-1217 kbps Download 360 - 1068 kbps.

I have Never Had any problems with Failed text before this problem. With my previous Droid Charge I had a Failed Text message right outside the Verizon Store. From what I have seen here and with other forums there seems to be an Increase with Failed Text messages, since the latest update. Hopefully, Sooner or later our Shouting will be heard by Verizon.

I have a DROID x and my text messages are not going through to one of my friends.
Same problem

I have been having the SAME EXACT problem Adventuresoon. I just got the replacement Droid Charge from Verizon, worked fine for 24 hrs, and it's back to driving me crazy. I have never used any messaging apps like Handcent, and I haven't had the Advanced Task Killer on my phone since I did the factory reboot so I don't know what other apps would affect messaging. I get 4 bars of signal when I'm in my house but that's where most of the problems with texting are happening (it's happened at work too though and at a friend's house so the location doesn't seem to matter). I have 4G, I turn wi-fi on/off, nothing's been helping except for restarting my phone. I LOVED this phone until that stupid update, that's when the problem started. One of my roommates is a Verizon employee and he says he hasn't had anybody come into the store and complain about this, he doesn't know what it could be. Now I'm gonna have to get a new phone, even though I wasn't going to upgrade in a couple of months when I'm eligible. Definitely NOT getting another Samsung.
After calling Verizon 5 separate times they told me to put my phone in Safe Mode (restart, when the Samsung logo appears hold the menu button until you see Safe Mode in the bottom left corner). It disables all 3rd party apps. Seems to be working so far. So now I have to figure out which app has been interfering with text messaging, or have a smart phone with no apps. Awesome.