Factory Reset


Sep 19, 2010
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Today, we had Verizon change our phone numbers to local. We had it scheduled several days ago. What they did not tell me, was it would do a factory reset....

So I lost all of my apps.... is there some app that will back up all of the apps you have downloaded, so that you don't have to do it all over again???

I am very thankful I did not lose my photos and music. But I have to reset everything....

another strange thing I did realize, when I got my new phone a week ago Wed, but it already had been partially programed. It had the battery in it and it did not start up with me needing to add my gmail account.... I had to do that this morning....

now I also have to tell everyone of my new phone #. How do you send a text message to more than one person.... LOL I never did that on my basic phone either.... LOL
App Brain will sync the list of apps on your phone and help you install them in by linking straight to the Market. If your phone has already been reset, that won't help you now though.

Which text app do you use? For Handcent, just start typing names in to the to line and click the auto completer, it will make the list with commas. For stock, probably soemthing similar but I am not sure.
If you had 2.2 installed before the reset it should restore all of your market apps. Open the market...
this might seem like a weird question, but how do you download 2.2? in the market? and can I do it via the data connection or do I have to be near a verizon tower?

my text app is what came with the Droid X

I have added a few things so far.... been reading Top 5 Apps thread