factory reset, install market apps automatically?


Dec 28, 2009
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Well I have had the OG since launch and thunderbolt since launch. Throughout that time I have had many factory resets and some times the market apps automatically reinstall and the other half they don't.

My wife has the droid x and it is starting to act up, so I want to do a reset, but since its her phone, I want to make sure her apps automatically reload, as in I don't want to spend a pile of time on her phone. What is the secret to have them auto install?
after you activate the phone... Because I've linked to your google account... It should ask if you wanna restore your google apps... When it asks if you wanna keep your phone backed up threw google

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Is that a setting you check before the reset? Cause after the reset I don't recall seeing that option on my other phones.
i'm not sure if there is a setting before hand... but you can try making sure it's backed up threw google...
or you can download my backup threw the market... and use that to back up your phone... and it doesn't need root permissions... and has a free trial so you can try and see if you like it
Another question, most her apps are on the sd card. One restore I did, I used astro to reinstall everything, which messed it up because the market wouldn't recognize them, and therefore would update the apps. So I had to uninstall and reinstall all the apps. It just shouldn't be this difficult. Lol
to restore market link... i think... it might require root permissions... but one thing you can try...
after you get it restored.... go into settings/applications/manage applications/"all"tab... then scroll down to market... and press clear data...
Charge system update

I downloaded the system update on 12/3 and it sent my samsung charge into a continuous reboot cycle.
So beware of this one.....