Factory reset on D1, with no display


Nov 19, 2009
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My former Droid still seemingly works, only the display is totally hosed so you can't actually see anything. I still get haptic feedback and right after it happened I was able to get a call by swiping where one would normally swipe to answer.

My question is - I would like to sell it or trade it in to Verizon or otherwise hand it off to somewhere where it could be rehabilitated, but all my data is on it. Is there any way to erase everything without being able to see the screen? ADB, maybe? Or some other trick?

I did think of WaveSecure but the number was switched to another phone. I also thought about trying to repair it myself but that seemed way too daunting when I looked at the videos. It just seems like a shame that it's essentially a paperweight would it could potentially have some life in it.

Oh and it is rooted, if that matters.