Facebook WILL NOT sync with contacts. PLEASE HELP!

Hmm, interesting.

I borked something about 2 weeks ago, and none of my contacts were syncing. Tried everything I could think of - deleting my Facebook account off the phone, deleting the Facebook app, re-adding everything, combinations thereof - nothing worked. When I viewed the phone's built-in Facebook connection account (smaller blue square in the Accounts menu), the username was blank and greyed out. Weird. The phone would then complain about having a blank username, but I could not type in my username to fix the problem. Catch-22. I finally resorted to the ol' factory reset (after backing up everything with Titanium)... and success! Facebook contacts synced perfectly, along with all the photos, and have been doing so ever since.

It used to be that doing a factory reset was an atomic pain in the neck, but with Titanium to restore all my apps/settings (launcher config, which takes forever and a day to set up), the whole process was done in under an hour. Annoying, but now my phone is working great. Strangely, doing a factory reset seems to have extended my battery life dramatically; granted I have the extended battery installed, but with heavy usage the best I've been able to do is run it down to around 40%. I watched several videos, took pictures, tons of text messages, calls, the works.