Facebook (Not for Android)


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Dec 29, 2010
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I've changed my password a moment ago to see if that'll have any effect on this bizarre ongoing my phone has started experiencing.

Anyway, this is really unusual, but the Facebook that came with my Droid is acting weird. I have all my contacts, I don't care if it rarely updates my contacts profile pictures, I receive messages from events and don't care, I'm an admin to one page on FB and it's set to not send notifications, so everything is fine.

However, just beginning today I've received 3 different icons all direct from Facebook, the first one is the normal blue "F", the second was something that looked black and white with shapes (If memory serves) and the third was something that looked like a message on a post.

The first is fine, I'm used to it... The other two, not so much. When the second icon came it showed off my "Pending Friend Requests." I have two, but a third person showed up saying that they have "Accepted my friend request" this is from someone I don't know at all, there not even listed in my friends. When I try to investigate, the page quickly shifts to my pending friend requests and the third person is no longer there.

The second notification read "4" in the lower right corner and it was a comment saying "Oh dear youve got six minutes." and that too disappeared on the phone but there's nothing on my FB that says anyone has commented.

I hope I'm being clear enough, my phone isn't rooted and it's still new.

Is there anyway I could be possibly picking up others FB? They're eerie enough for me to call them "Ghost notifications".

Can anyone explain? Please and thank you.