Facebook / Gmail sync issue


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Sep 15, 2010
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Ok I have looked at all the facebook sync issue and none of the solutions so far fix my problem. I am trying to understand why the facebook sync is not updating any of my contacts. I have uninstalled, removed the account from the "account sync" area and rebooted the machine with no success. I wonder if the issue is that all my contacts are from Gmail. Is it that the facebook sync will not update Gmail contacts? I am using my new Samsung Fascinate.
Well, I found the solution so I thought I would post it in case it helps others. When you setup the sync account for Facebook, make sure that "Sync friends to contacts" is checked. Don't worry, you will then be asked which friends you want to sync so you don't have to sync all of your Facebook "friends".

This allowed for the linking between my contacts and my facebook contacts.
Is this for the driod 2? When I added my facebook account it didn't ask me which friends I wanted to add it just added everyone. Also I am having trouble when people updated their profile pictures it isn't updating on my phone under contacts. Any thoughts?