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Nov 17, 2009
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Peoria, AZ
I have been away from Android for about a year now and have just recently picked up a Droid DNA.

I seem to be stuck on something and I am not sure how to fix it.

When on the phone dialer, just above the dial pad, it shows all my contacts from facebook, however, when I am in the people tab, it only shows the contacts in my google contacts.

How can I get it to not show all the facebook contacts on the phone dialer screen?

Thanks so much!
When you first logged into the facebook app did you allow it to sync contacts?
Good lord I have to be missing something...I have gone blind from going through all the settings.
Hmmm that's odd. I don't usually sync my facebook contacts so I'm not sure, could be a HTC Sense thing, but I doubt.
Try: Go into people and settings - then to "Contacts to Display"
From there to "Customize"
Under each account you can uncheck what you don't want in your contacts.
In gmail - there is a facebook check box too!
hope that helps
Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I do not have a 'Customize' option nor a 'Contacts to Display'