Exchange synching some, but not all, with Droid


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Mar 18, 2010
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Sorry if this is in the wrong posting category, but I wasn't clear where it should go.

I work in a small company with limited IT support. I've been trying to get my corporate email to synch with my Droid and, by screwing around with different options, managed to get mail to synch by using the company's Outlook Web Access URL (it wouldn't work with the Excahnge server's URL). Unfortunately, that does not synch up the contacts or calendar, despite the Droid being set up to receive those. Any ideas on making the other parts synch? FYI, we are on Exchange 2003 SP2.
:welcome: to the forum. I moved you over here so you would have a better chance at getting an answer for your question.
I would suggest trying the app Touchdown. Works really well with Exchange. I am using it with Exchange 2003 SP2. Syncs mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks.
I assume you have checked the Account settings on the droid and that sync contacts is checked at the bottom of the list? The server may also not be set to allow you to sync anything except mail? If the IT person can check your domain account- look at the "exchange features" tab and make sure your account has the Mobile Features enabled.

- Do yourself a favor and try the 5 day eval of Touchdown for exchange in the market it knocks the socks off of the default ap ;)
+1 on Touchdown. Works awesome and does pretty much everything MS Outlook Exchange on your work PC does.

However, unless you have the $45 unlimited data WITH Corp Email plan, Active Sync doesn't work. But, I don't care since Active Sync just wastes power. I have Touchdown set to poll the server every 5 minutes (just like my work computer) and sync. No issues.
It works fine for me on the 30 plan, and am using active sync. When I bought the droid they told me I did not need the 45 plan and took me to the 30 plan. I had a blackberry which needed it.
Thanks for the correction. I am on the $30 plan myself, and could never get Active Sync to work with my company's Exchange. I assumed the reason was my plan type. I suppose it may very well be my company's quite dated Exchange Server.
I've never had any negative effects on battery life from ActiveSync.

Polling will actually use more of the battery than push. Your battery issue had to be due to something else.