Example of Droid X Durability


Jun 19, 2011
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North Florida
My wife has a Droid X and yesterday she placed it on the roof of her car and forgot it was there. she drove off later and went about a block, made a turn, and the phone went flying into the street. It has a couple of scratches to the cover, the screen is fine, and the phone still works fine. Motorola should put her in a commercial!
I would have to agree that it's pretty tough.

I had not yet emptied the dishwasher and had a plate in the sink with water in it.
I dropped my X into the sink, it fell right onto the plate filled with water, and it's fine.
At the time I was using the body glove case.
My father dropped mine into a swimming pool while trying to take a picture. It was there for about 5 seconds.
I had no case on it.
It was 90 degrees outside so I took the batery off and let it sit in the sun for a few minutes. The thing acted like nothing happened at all. Speaker, microphone, screen all worked perfect. The camera was shot though.

I was amazed. I still used my insurance because I take about 20 pics a day.
After I got my Otterbox Defender for it I threw it across the room just for s***s and giggles... No problems at all. Dropped it many times, sometimes on purpose as a demonstration.

It wears a Trident Kraken now. Haven't purposefully tortured it yet but I'm confident it'll hold up. Thing is a BEAST in that case, barely fits in my pockets, but feels absolutely great in the hands.