Droid X problem, solution (in a certified like new way) and 2.2


Dec 1, 2009
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This past weekend my wife's Droid X stopped receiving calls. By that I mean the phone would ring, but when she answered it would drop the call. Messaging still worked; I forgot whether she was able to initiate a call. A trip to the VZW store resulted in them seeing the problem and doing a factory reset but the symptom persisted. They ordered her a new phone because they had none in stock. We were about to activate an older phone we kept for just this reason, when her phone started working again. It continued to work until the new phone came but we still sent her original phone back because we had no confidence in it; if that happened once it could happen again. I said new, but what she got was a certified like new phone. When she activated it, I saw that it came with 2.2 installed. As far as I know she had not received the update on her original phone. So far she is liking 2.2 very much.

From this I am guessing that anyone buying an X now would get one with 2.2 installed. Is the OTA update still going on?
what an awesome feeling paying 200 bucks for a phone, have it crap out & getting a REFURBISHED :motdroidvert: back huh.:icon_evil:
Well since the X is still relatively new, the CFLN replacement unit stands a good chance of being a good phone. Unlike the Droid 1 where the CFLN phones get sent back and shipped right back out again with the same problem unresolved. But yes, any Droid 1, 2, X, coming from Moto should have 2.2 on it.

The 30 day NEW replacement warranty really should be 90 days, but I doubt that will ever change, pretty typical in any business.
I got my warranty replacement DX in the mail this week. It runs much smoother than my original DX. So far the only problem I have caught do far is my Ringlert App does not set the tone i select. The battery is lasting much longer as well.
Wow.. They must have JUST started that.. I've only had my X about a week and it came with 2.1. Although it did update to 2.2 the same day I got it. I bought it as a certified pre-owned to save $50, lol. I've never had an issue with Verizon's refurbished phones in the past so I figured there was no harm in trying to save some dough. :) I guess in a way you could say thats "Being Green" haha
From this I am guessing that anyone buying an X now would get one with 2.2 installed. Is the OTA update still going on?

Got my DX last week and it came with 2.2. So far a happy camper ... or almost until I saw the $99 price from Amazon wireless. They also only require 181 days of service before you can cancel, if I read the terms correctly.
I saw that post also. I went to Verizon Wireless and saw the same price, but it was for an online order of a Certified Like New.... I wonder if the Amazon ones were Certified as well.

Sorry that price was for a Certified Droid I at Verizon, They have a Certified pre-owned X for $149. But I am still thinking it couldn't be $99 for a brand new one at Amazon...could it?
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Never understood the resistance to refurbished phones. The fact is that they are tested much more thoroughly than new phones, and checked by humans for troubles that the machines missed originally....:icon_eek: