EVO/sdcard missing files issue


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Feb 22, 2010
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Charleston, WV
This probably isn't specific to the EVO but......anyhow, my girlfriend has an EVO and not knowing she could mount the sdcard while in the phone she took it out and put it in an external reader and uploaded some pictures to Snapfinger or whatever.

Since then, her ringtone and notification settings changed and a couple other small things so I looked on her sdcard with Astro and many of her folders don't show up or are gone. Her media files, for example, although the phone can use them and I can change from one ringtone to another, the audio files cannot be seen in Astro (yes, the "show hidden files" option is checked) and many folders and files appear to be gone. I emailed her an audio clip and she d/l from Gmail and I wasn't able to find it in Astro...no Download folder. I did a search in Astro for the file and it found it and when I selected it the Download folder now shows up in Astro. It's like most of her stuff is hidden somehow.

Is anyone familiar with something like this? Could that external reader have reformatted her card or changed it? She isn't tech savvy but I'm sure she knows if she was deleting files but she just uploaded them.

Thanks for any suggestions!