espn score center and taskbar


Mar 3, 2011
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I just found this out the other day by accident. I haven't got it nailed how to do it all the time but anyway... when I'd get score updates or news alerts in the taskbar from ESPN, I'd be able to read the whole thing for a few seconds but then the alert/score would basically be hidden except for the first line.

Somehow I figured out that if you touch and hold the alert until it vibrates and drag your finger down, it would show the rest of the alert that was hidden.

I can't get it to work all the time and sometimes it takes a few tries. Has anyone else noticed this?

It probably works for text messages and other notifications too but I've only tried it with ESPN.
Yes, it works for score center notifications, e-mails and text messages. You just touch and drag down. It is pretty handy.