Enterprise Gsync Device Monitoring?


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Aug 31, 2011
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My company just switched their e-mail platform to Gmail (google apps). As a part of the switch, everyone now has a Google Apps profile, with which the work e-mail will be hosted.
One of the tools we needed to download was Enterprise_gsync.msi. (We migrated our outlook profiles to gmail this way).

After the migration and sync process, we had to download google apps on our phones (i'm currently using a bb, but switching to an android phone next week).

My question is this: can the admins at my job monitor my phone? I know they can monitor my work e-mail (don't really care about that), but can they monitor my other gmail accounts and texts? Can they monitor my phone when I access facebook or any other mobile apps? Can they see the other email accounts i have set up on my phone and see the emails i get in those accounts?

I'm afraid of them seeing my text messages and seeing my passwords used for facebook and twitter.

I ask because I've read that this is possible to do with Blackberry Enterprise Server, but the company never had that, so I wasn't too concerned.