Anyway to have Gmail calendar sync with Enterprise?


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Apr 17, 2011
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I'm new to Droid (bought a Droid Pro in November '10). Previously I had an HTC Imagio Windows 6.5 phone. With that phone, through it's sync process, if I put an appointment in Outlook on my PC, it would sync with the phone. Then, because I had my enterprise e-mail (which is Outlook Web Access 2007) synced with my phone, the phone would then sync that appointment with my enterprise e-mail. The reverse would be true too - an appointment set in my enterprise calendar would sync with the phone and then the phone would sync with Outlook on my PC putting the appointment in my Outlook calendar.

This doesn't seem to happen with Droid/Gmail. I can see both enterprise and gmail calendars on my phone, but unfortunately, I like to use Outlook for putting appointments on my calendar (I'm not always connected to the internet) and I have others who add appointments on my Enterprise calendar so I really need them to match and I'd prefer to have Gmail be the go-between to sync everything and not have to do duplicate entry if at all possible.

I saw with the new update that it said it pushes Enterprise e-mail to the PC, but I don't think that means what I'm looking for. Thanks.
I think that's something you might have to pay Google a little extra for.

Gmail ? Google Apps

Take a look and see if this is what you're looking for.
Thanks. Not exactly. That would work if I owned the domain, but I don't. The only step that's needed (that my windows phone had) was for the phone to sync the enterprise calendar entries that it sees on the phone to outlook like it syncs the gmail calendar entries on the phone with outlook. The phone acted as the go-between as it synced both with the enterprise calendar and the outlook calendar. My Droid Pro sees both enterprise and gmail calendar entries on the should just sync one more step.