Email list widget that works with BlurEmail?


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Mar 7, 2011
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OK, this is my third try to switch to Android -- I'm currently evaluating a Droid 2 Global. For me, it's largely about getting rock-solid email experience with an Exchange back-end, including invitation handling, and kudos to Motorola, BlurEmail is the first Android implementation I've found with decent invitation handling. (Yes, I've tried TouchDown. I do not find the UI design acceptable, among several other complaints.)

I even realized that I can live without a unified inbox -- if I can get a unified "message list" widget. I've tried Pure Messenger in 4x4, which seems to be what most people in the broader Android community are using, but it doesn't support BlurEmail, even rooted. I've also tried Executive Assistant in 4x4, which has some nice configurability -- but implements the email integration via making it's own periodic IMAP queries (which is slightly buggy and extremely power hungry.)

So: is there a email listing widget that works with BlurEmail and GMail? Thanks.
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